How & Why Pilates

In 1995 I discovered how Pilates could improve one’s abilities in every other athletic activity.  As I increased my Pilates classes to 3 times per week, my body surprised me with increased strength and freedom of movement.



My mat teacher training was completed in 2003 under the guidance Ottawa’s 1st Pilates instructor, Helen Roy.  Following retirement from the public service I attended all 10 modules of Pilates teacher training given in Vancouver by the highly respected Dianne Miller.   (Dianne Miller is a former Simon Fraser University dance teacher who brought Pilates to Canada in 1985.)   I continued to study with Pam Forth and received my mat and reformer diploma from her.


Professional Development

I have taken additional training from: Ron Fletcher, Mary Bowen, Program Design and Back Wellness from Mairin Wilde, Eric Franklin training for feet, knees, pelvis and shoulders.


Teaching Philosophy/Approach 

My goal in teaching Pilates is to help people enjoy life more through a better understanding of their bodies and how to take care of them.