Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Release. Realign. Restore. Live By The 3R’s Coaching Program

Are you at a crossroad in your personal or professional life, and are not sure how to move forward?

Do you feel that something is holding you back but not sure what?

Do you feel that there’s more you can do to maximize your potential and feel more fulfilled?


This series of 8 coaching sessions, completed over a 2-3 month period is designed to help you release what’s not working in your life, realign yourself in the direction that will give you the most balance and fulfillment and restore your vigor and passion for life. Within this program, you will go through a series of assessment tools, exercises and assignments to help you learn more about yourself and create solid action plans towards achieving your goals.


What to expect

  • Get crystal clear on what drives you, and who you are.
  • Feel more confident in the direction of your life by focusing in the direction that will give you the most balance, alignment & fulfillment.
  • Release old rules, limiting beliefs and behaviors so that you may tenaciously conquer your life’s obstacles.
  • Create new success habits, that when practiced regularly will help manifest your sustainable success & freedom.
  • Learn to recognize how the 7 levels of energy show up in your life, so that you may choose to see circumstances from higher, more empowering perspectives.
  • Reawaken your innate passion & bring it to everything that you do.
  • Create a 3-month action plan, broken down week by week to help you get closer to where you want to be.


How to get started

Book your Life Coaching Complimentary session – Meet your coach and talk to him about what you’re looking for and what you like to achieve. By the end of the session, your coach and yourself will be able to decide if this program is the right fit for you, and if it is, you’ll be able to learn more about how your coach can help and how to get started.

 Contact us to book your complimentary session!

Program Fee: $960

One Session Fee: $120


About your Coach

Bader Sunalla is a Certified Professional Coach CPC, with a vision to empower and inspire countless people to become the best they’re meant to be. Through his passion of being of service to others, he helps people develop personally and professionally, to enjoy new levels of fulfillment in all their life roles, and to break through barriers with resolute life purpose, in order to be the best they could be. Bader understands that it is our choices that determine who we truly are, far more than our abilities, and utilizes this as the cornerstone to facilitate a transformation in his clients’ energy.


“We have been working together for 7 months now and during that time I have enacted a divorce following a 10-year marriage, traveled to Bali to complete an advanced yoga teacher training, created a new business, relocated, and begun considering possibilities in new relationships. I used to fear, dread and avoid change at all costs, but now I’ve come to see it as a realignment of getting back to who and how I really am. Through your support and sincerity I have come to really love change and all that it brings into my life and essence. You are not only compassionate in deep and affirming ways, but you are also extremely analytical and intuitive. Through our work, I’ve experienced increased excitement and productivity and the confidence to apply my unique perspective, skills, and interests so that my business is a true and radiant reflection of my gifts and passions. You are undoubtedly one of the most impressive professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and I absolutely recommend your coaching, especially to those looking to know and apply who they are in more meaningful ways.” — Sara R


“As a result of working together in the last few months, my self-awareness has improved. I really appreciate all your support and hard work with your dedication in helping to get me up on my feet again. Your energy, enthusiasm and vitality are contagious.”  — Daisy A