Our First “Live By The 3R’s” Nominee selected!

LiveBy Pilates Gives Back!

Earlier this fall, we asked you to nominate someone you care about for a chance to win our “Live By The R’s: Release. Realign. Restore” gift of 5 private sessions and enrollment in our 3R’s workshop. Thanks to all who have sent their nominations. We have selected our first nominee. Read his story (below) as told by his wife.

Next nomination window closes Dec 31st, 2014. Remember to send in your nominations! Scroll below for more details.



“I’m writing to nominate my husband for your 3Rs program to help him restore balance in his life.

My husband has suffered from ankylosing spondylitis since he was in his 20s.  He has managed his condition with a combination of medication, staying active by walking, and his cheery disposition.  Notwithstanding these, his spine has bent at the top, affecting his posture and movement.

I met my husband four years ago, when he was 34 years of age.  Two years after that, I was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer.  We married last year.  My husband has supported all my efforts to have as many days as possible, and to make each day a good day; including supporting me staying active through Pilates and other methods; changing our diet;  encouraging me to seek out and access all available treatment; being there when I am having a ‘down’ day. 

My husband’s condition is worsened by stress.  The stress of managing not only his chronic condition, but also my situation, is taking a toll.  I have noticed that he has lost muscle mass and weight; his posture has deteriorated; and he frequently has debilitating foot and hand pain.    We have talked about the need for him to stay more active, to help manage all of the stresses he is under.  While he swims when he can, I think Pilates, with its focus on body awareness, breath, accepting and challenging your body ‘where it’s at’, and community (rather than the competitive atmosphere in traditional ‘gyms’) could contribute significantly to his well-being.

I know how much Pilates has helped me in my journey, and I am therefore writing to nominate my husband, …, for your 3R consideration.

Warm regards,


LiveBy Pilates wants you to “Live By The 3R’s”




At LiveBy Pilates

RELEASE pain, muscle tension and tight fascia tissues

REALIGN spine and skeletal structure

RESTORE posture, joint mobility and core strength


In Life

RELEASE negative thoughts and influences

REALIGN your priorities and goals

RESTORE your inner strength, vitality and vigor for life


We are looking for opportunities to help Ottawa “Live By The 3R’s”!

Nominate a friend, family member or colleague, share their story and how the 3R’s could help them restore balance in their life, and they could win:

– a package of 5 Private Sessions (value $360) , and

– a free admission to “Rediscover your Life. Release. Realign. Restore. Live By the 3R’s – The Workshop” (value $97)


Keep the nominations coming throughout the year. LiveBy Pilates will choose an entry every 3 months. The first winner will be selected on September 30th, 2014.  Final nominations cycle closes September 30th, 2015.


Nominations are accepted through our page on Facebook, or by email to info@livebypilates.com



– Eligibility: Nominee must be a resident of Ottawa/Gatineau and surrounding areas and must be 18 years old or over as of date of entry

– Entries must indicate nominee’s name, age and the story supporting their eligibility for winning

– All sessions granted as part of the prize must be completed within 2 months of activation


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