November 18th: Franklin Method® Workshop – Imagery for a Strong, Flexible, Healthy Spine

Sunday 18th November
2.00pm to 5.00pm

with Rowena Hall
Franklin Method® Educator
Certified Pilates Teacher PMA®-CPT

An embodied understanding of the spine will allow
for more ease of movement and strength. In this
workshop we will take a closer look at what good
posture actually means and how to achieve it. Using
both anatomical and metaphorical imagery we will
move, balance, strengthen and relax the spine.

  • Why you have a spine and why it looks the way it does
  • How your spine is designed to function
  • How to improve the movement and safety of your spine
  • Self massage on the Franklin Balls for increased ease & release

Price: $45
Venue: LiveBy Pilates, 315 Somerset Street West, Ottawa
For registration or for more information: Contact us here

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Illustration Eric Franklin®