Pelvic Power – Franklin Method® Workshop

FRANKLIN METHOD® Pelvic Power for Core Integration                   

Sunday 21st October
2.00pm to 5.00pm
with Rowena Hall
Franklin Method® Educator
Certified Pilates Teacher PMA®-CPT


This workshop focuses on the practical application of imagery techniques to
increase the power, alignment and flexibility of the pelvic joints and muscles.
Experience the natural bone rhythms of the pelvis, which support healthy function
and alignment of the whole body. Increase the comfort and safety of the lower
back, knees and feet; liberate your hips; and improve your posture!

  • How the pelvic bones move in relation to each other
  • How the sacrum moves and how that movement affects your spine
  • How to move with less tension and get stronger!
  • Ball and imagery exercises to balance the pelvis and release the low back

Price: $45
Venue: LiveBy Pilates, 315 Somerset Street West, Ottawa

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Illustration ® E Franklin