Sunday January 27th Workshop: FRANKLIN METHOD (R) Relax Your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulder


Sunday January 27th
2.00pm to 5.00pm

with Rowena Hall
Franklin Method® Educator
Certified Pilates Teacher PMA®-CPT

In this workshop you will discover an embodied
understanding of the anatomy of the shoulder girdle.
This will lead to an increased awareness of the function
and interaction of joints and muscles. Experience the
power of imagery, touch and movement exercises to
lengthen and balance shoulder and neck musculature.


  • How your shoulders are designed to move
  • How to let your shoulders and neck become a place of ease and comfort
  • How the design of the shoulder girdle suspends it over the ribcage
  • Self massage on balls for increased ease and release

Price: $45 (plus HST)
Venue: LiveBy Pilates, 315 Somerset Street West 2nd floor, Ottawa
To register: Contact us

Illustration by Eric Franklin(c)



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