Pilates Classes, Private & Semi-private sessions


Private & Semi-Private Sessions

You will receive a personalized workout designed for you and your body’s needs. In these Pilates personal training sessions you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Pilates and to all the equipment that is appropriate for your particular needs. The use of the Reformer is guaranteed and this will allow you to understand more about your posture and how to re-align the body so that it works to its maximum efficiency. The best way to get personalized attention to your needs is in a private session – you won’t be disappointed. Bring in a partner for a semi-private session and share all the benefits and the fun.


Reformer  (level 1-4):

The Reformer is the most popular piece of equipment in the Pilates World. It is a very versatile apparatus allowing a wide range of progressive resistance training to help develop proper alignment, core strength, coordination and flexibility. The movements performed on the reformer range from fundamental to extremely advanced. Evolve your technique from fundamental to advanced levels while you build strength, flexibility and body awareness working on the Pilates repertoire.


Athletic Conditioning on the Reformer (Intermediate-Advanced Level):

Improve strength, power and agility through new variations of familiar exercises that challenge unilateral movement, weight transference and core stability. This class is suitable for clients who have been doing Reformer work at the intermediate or advanced  level.


Wunda Chair

This class provides a great workout. You will develop balance, strength, mobility and confidence in your body. The chair is an upright version of the Reformer. This means elevation changes, balance, working sideways, upside down and standing, being more engaged with the spring. A practical understanding of the Pilates fundamentals is a prerequisite for this class.


Studio Time

This is the time you come in to the Studio and practice your individual program using any of the Studio equipment at your own pace. One teacher is dedicated to a maximum of 5 students allowing the best format to correct alignment and movements. Students become more engaged mentally with their bodies as they make lasting changes and take charge of their own well-being. The Specialized Package or a minimum of 5 Private Pilates Personal Training sessions are required as a prerequisite to allow the teacher to develop an individualized Program for you to follow at Studio Time classes.


Mat and Small Apparatus (Level 1-5)

This class will give students an experience of the classical Mat repertoire with it’s full flowing continuous expression. Develop proper alignment, core strength and flexibility through well-thought-out structure and sequence of movements. Add more challenge and variety using other props and small apparatus such as the Spine Corrector, the Magic Circle, the Foam Roller, the Tensor Bands, and more.


Myofascial Stretching & Release (All levels)

This class teaches you to first release tight fascia (connective tissue) and muscles through techniques such as myofascial stretching, foam rolling and soft balls; then realign skeletal structure with ELDOA and other osteo-articulations; and finally, restore strength, vigor and ease of movement in Pilates and every day activities.; all as part of our self-therapeutic approach to whole body wellness.


Somatic-based Pilates Mat Level 1-3

A deeper understanding of movement is explored through the use of props and Pilates accessories. Hone your Pilates mat skills in a sensory-rich environment while you develop knowledge and techniques focused on bone health.


Mat Flow – Mat (All Levels)

A conditioning class of continuous flow movements taken from Master teachers in the Pilates wide world: from Ron Fletcher and his Towel Work, to James D’Silva’s Garuda, to Stott’s Total Barre, and more. An experience that enhances the Pilates enthusiast’s zest for creative expression in movement.


Franklin Method® Meets Gentle Pilates Mat

This class is aimed at clients who are at level 1 and above. You will continue to build on the Pilates mat repertoire, with help from the Franklin Method® to help you get the most out of the body/mind continuum. Learn how understanding function and reducing tension in your body lead to increased strength and coordination.


Power Lunch Equipment

This 45-min equipment-based class will leave you feeling stronger, taller, more flexible, balanced, and ready to face the rest of your day. This class is suitable for all levels.


Pilates inspired Belly Dance

A Pilates-inspired movement class featuring our renowned Dance and Pilates Teacher, Lorraine Chamas. An excellent way to enjoy music that moves your body. The rewards include improved body mechanics, core strength, mobility, co-ordination, grace and, not to forget, fun.


Pilates on the TRX

This class adds challenge and thrill to your regular Pilates workout. Doing Pilates using the TRX suspension system helps develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability by using gravity and body weight to build resistance. Open to all levels.


Pilates on the Wall

Build a strong core while targeting individual muscle groups and adding challenge and variety to your regular workout using a new piece of equipment that is like a mini Cadillac with arm and leg springs and Roll Up Bar.


Equipment Mix (Level 1-4)

This class is designed for those who want to do it all. Within this 60 min workout, you will experience the Pilates repertoire on a combination of the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Mat, Wall, TRX, etc. Mix it all up and keep it exciting and challenging!


Urban Poling with Pilates Techniques

This class provides you with a fun, whole body, calorie burning, stamina increasing, fresh air experience. This class will teach the body mechanics and gait work of Pilates with the upper body, cardio, and weight bearing benefits of Urban Poling. Researchers have found that use of poles significantly increased oxygen uptake, heart rate and energy expenditure by up to 30% compared to walking without poles in fit subjects. In Porcari’s study of 32 healthy men and women walking with poles, results were an average 23% higher oxygen uptake, 22% higher caloric expenditure and 16% higher heart rate responses compared to walking without poles on a treadmill.


Open Workout Time

This 2-3 hr time block is allocated for clients to drop in anytime with no previous reservations and work out independently for up to an hour alongside other peers and teachers. At least one teacher is present at a time for general supervision while herself works out if she chooses. Open Workout Time is only available for active members of the Studio and there are prerequisites for eligibility.