Pilates for the Pelvic Floor

This interactive workshop addresses

  • the physical structure of the pelvic floor
  • the muscles that affect the functioning of the pelvic floor
  • pelvic floor conditions that may arise: various forms of incontinence, chronic pelvic pain
  • exercises to strengthen and re-train internal pelvic floor muscles
  • Pilates exercises shown to have a positive effect on pelvic floor rehabilitation


Description and Format


  • first part of the workshop consists of an illustrated medical description of the pelvic floor and its musculature, illustrated demonstration of pelvic floor disfunction in its various forms
  • second part of the workshop focuses on exercises that can be performed at home
  • exercises are drawn from physiotherapy and the Pilates program designed by Dr. Bruce Crawford, MD, Urogynecologist
  • participants will perform these exercises and note the muscular activity that they require



– Jackie Pomeroy, PT, MSc, Physiotherapist, Clinic Manager, Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centres

– Astrid Ahlgren, Qualified Fletcher® Pilates teacher


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