ELDOA – Self-Therapeutic Spinal Decompression Techniques

ELDOA (Étirement Longitudinaux avec Décoaptation Osteo-Articulaire, (in English “Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretches”) is a comprehensive system of therapy and exercises that uses myofascial stretching techniques to:

  • Create more space between the vertebrae
  • Allow the discs to move more freely and adapt to the movements of the spine
  • Decompress the nerves between the vertebrae to increase blood flow
  • Reduce spinal pain and improve muscle tone
  • Realign the posture


In this 90-min workshop, you will:

  • Increase your awareness of your spine and its anatomy
  • Learn effective self-therapeutic stretching techniques
  • Learn select exercises to do at home to release pain and tension


Restore flexibility in your spine, release pain, realign your posture and bring ease of movement and vitality back into your every day life.


With Astrid Ahlgren – Certified Pilates Teacher with qualifications in ELDOA training

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