The Essentials of FOAM ROLLING

Do you feel tension or pain in your shoulders, back, hips or knees?

Do you want to learn simple self healing techniques that you can do at home to release chronic pain and increase flexibility?


In this 90-minute workshop you will learn to use the foam roller to release tight tissues, stretch your muscles, and strengthen your core.

Foam Rolling is:

  • Designed to reduce tension and relax your muscles by massaging away muscle soreness infoam-rolling trigger points and preparing your muscles for deeper stretching.
  • Increases your flexibility and reduces chronic pain
  • Can be done before or after a workout
  • Great for all levels and ages


You will learn:

  • The different types of rollers and which is the best for you
  • The many benefits of foam rolling
  • Foam rolling techniques for releasing tight tissues
  • Foam rolling techniques for stretching muscles
  • Foam rolling techniques for strengthening your core


With Karine Brighten, Certified Pilates Teacher

Certified Pilates Teacher and Personal Trainer


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