FRANKLIN METHOD® Strong and Healthy Knees through Imagery

Would you like your knees to be healthy, strong and flexible for a lifetime? The
knee is the largest and most challenged joint we have! Because of its position and structure, it is subjected to large forces within the joint as we walk, run or jump.
Healthy, aligned knees deal efficiently with this situation. However, incorrect
alignment and lack of proper training can cause the knees to become painful and
This workshop focuses on imagery and movement exercises to create optimal
health for your knees. We will learn to visualize efficient knee function based on
design. We can then quickly integrate this experience and understanding into our
daily activities and exercises.
Experience the Franklin Method!

  • Imagery to improve the health of your knees
  • Discover how the knees relate to your hips and feet
  • Simple tools to make walking and running more efficient and pleasurable

You will leave feeling more grounded and confident.



with Rowena Hall
Franklin Method® Educator
Certified Pilates Teacher PMA®-CPT


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 Illustration © Eric Franklin