FRANKLIN METHOD® Pelvic Power for Core Integration

Do you have a tight low back? Tight hip flexors? Knee problems?
Discovering the natural bone rhythms of the pelvis can help relieve these issues. If you have been thinking of the pelvis as a single unit – think again! Understanding and working with balanced movement of the pelvic bones supports healthy function and alignment not just of the pelvic area, but of the whole body, including the spine, knees and feet – and even the shoulders!
Experience the Franklin Method and learn:

  • How to find a new freedom in your hip joints and low back
  • How you get noticeably stronger as you learn to move with less tension
  • How the 3 pelvic bones need to move in relation to each other
  • How pelvic movement affects everything else in your body
  • How to work effectively with the pelvic floor
  • Ball and imagery exercises to balance the pelvic joints and muscles



with Rowena Hall
Franklin Method® Educator
Certified Pilates Teacher PMA®-CPT


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Illustration © Eric Franklin