About Us


We are a team of 9 certified Pilates teachers with more than 85 years of experience combined. We have studied under different Pilates schools/ methods like Dianne Miller’s, Michele Larsson’s, Stott, BASI (Body Arts and Science International), Ron Fletcher, Polestart Pilates, Balanced Body and Body Harmonics. Having such a wealth of knowledge has made us this unique and cohesive team, where each strives to bring her own outlook and experience to enrich both her fellow teachers and students.


I invite you to meet your teachers and learn more about them.



As for me, I’m the owner and president of the Studio. I’m a BASI® Certified Pilates Teacher with an advanced certification in Post Rehab: Injuries and Pathologies. I’m a MAT® – Muscle Activation Techniques Certified Trainer, a TRX Certified Trainer and a Certified Urban Poling Instructor. In addition, I have recently acquired an Associate Certification in Osteopathy.

After a very successful career in High Tech, I have finally found my passion in helping others feel good about themselves. To me, Pilates is not just a form of exercise, it’s a way of life. It is you being in control of your body and your mind; it’s you connecting deep with yourself; becoming stronger, fearless, limitless and full of vigor for life. I invite you to take control and strive for a higher quality of life. As for us, it is our purpose to help you through that journey.


The greatest compliment I heard was that from a couple of client friends who, both, have extremely stressful jobs and demanding family lives. They said they have noticed that when they left the Studio after class that they engaged in deep conversations about life; not work, not daily stresses; just pure life.


I love how our classes make people feel. This Studio has become my sanctuary and I hope you will find it yours!