Pilates vs Yoga

We are often asked what is the difference between Pilates and yoga.  That is a difficult question as there are so many variables.  Generally speaking, they both can strengthen the body and increase flexibility.  Both focus on breath, involve the whole body/mind, increase body awareness and both can help reduce the effects of stress.  Neither was designed to be an aerobic activity, but both can become that if practiced at an advanced level.

Where they differ is that Pilates helps to improve movement skills by teaching movement based exercises, while yoga traditionally involves the sequencing of poses designed to ultimately allow the body to be still, ready for meditation practice.

Yoga emerged from spiritual practice, whereas Pilates evolved more for the purpose of exercise, but Joseph Pilates’ focus was on whole body health, using both mind and body.

Another major difference is that Pilates studios have specialized equipment which uses spring resistance to help load the body in different ways.  Use of the equipment can help clients get faster results.  There are an infinite number of exercises that can be carried out on this equipment.

We encourage you to try both – as in the end it is a personal choice and dependent on your goals.