About Us


– Ottawa’s Oldest Pilates Studio –

Located in beautiful downtown Ottawa, our Studio consists of two floors. The main floor is the largest, in which we hold our Group classes. The floors are hardwood and the ceilings are high, creating a very lovely space to practice your Pilates. Light pours in from many large windows bathing the studio with natural light.

To get to our top floor you walk up a staircase into a room with beautiful oak floors and lavender walls. This is our smallest room and where we can hold Private or semi-private sessions if needed.

The Equipment:

Our studio is a fully equipped with Pilates equipment.

  • The Cadillac: This piece of equipment is excellent for rehabilitation and the exercises on the Cadillac also help clients to better understand the Pilates technique.
  • The Reformer: This is an incredibly versatile machine that allows clients to learn how to re-align their body while gaining strength and flexibility.
  • The Spine Corrector: This barrel can be used to teach clients to open their spine in all directions.
  • The Wunda Chair: Joseph Pilates created this machine to match what the Reformer can do but taking up less space. We use these in Group classes and in our Private and Semi-Private sessions. The Chair is another way to perfect your Pilates technique while gaining strength and flexibility. It adds variety to the client’s workout.
  • The Ladder Barrel: This piece of equipment is used to add more versatile core strengthening and flexibility exercises

There are many other smaller tools that allow our trainers to aid you in achieving your goals.