Meet the Teachers



How & Why Pilates

As a child and young woman I found physical, mental and (yes!) spiritual benefits from regular ballet classes. This fell to the wayside when career and family became priorities. My brain and body yearned for the quiet discipline and the positive effects of thoughtful physical challenge. Finally I listened. I began practicing Pilates in 2003, quickly became both more curious and serious about it, and in 2012 graduated as a Qualified Fletcher Pilates® Teacher out of Pilates Space, Ottawa. I worked with clients in my private studio before joining LiveBy Pilates in 2014.


I augment my Fletcher Pilates® training with exposure to both other schools and other professionals such as massage therapists and physiotherapists. This has increased my knowledge of movement, alignment, use of imagery, functional anatomy and pelvic strength. I continue to return to Pilates’ teachings and study the modern interpretations of his work.

Pilates is an essential part of my life. It has given me increased strength, flexibility and joy. I am gaining better appreciation of the body and mind connection, and am committed to finding this in my personal journey.



  • Qualified Fletcher Pilates® Teacher following successful completion of the 750-hour Comprehensive Program, recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance.
  • ELDOA (longitudinal osteo-articular decompression), certified by Rucsandra Mitrea under authority of Guy Voyer, DO for Level 1 (2015) and Level 2 (2016).
  • Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid, CPR/AED level C valid to 2016


Professional Development

  • Member of Pilates Method Alliance since 2011
  • March 2012 workshops on “touch” and Spine Corrector by Sagrario Castilla
  • April 2012 Introduction to Gyrokinesis® by Siôned Watkins
  • November 2012 observation of Sagrario Castilla classes
  • November 2012 Franklin Method© Workshop with Morten Dithmer
  • Physiotherapist-guided study of Pfilates Pelvic Floor Pilates developed in 2008 by urogynecologist Dr. Bruce Crawford and VESy™ Lab (video-EMG synchronization)
  • September 2013 Franklin Method© Workshops with Eric Franklin
  • October 2013 on-line course “The Psoas: Beyond the Abdominal” by The International Franklin Method®
  • May-June 2014 BASI Pilates® certificate of completion of Advanced Education Certificate Course “Innovations in Pilates” by Anthony Lett

Teaching Philosophy/Approach

Each person has the ability to understand his or her own body, its limitations and amazing potential. As a teacher I encourage self-awareness and discovery.


Other Interests

Needle arts, fashion and design, language studies, Nordic crime writing, public policy.