Meet the Teachers



How & Why Pilates

Today, I could not imagine my life without Pilates. Doing Pilates empowers me, not only as I am practicing but also throughout my daily existence. It has become liquid gold for my spine, cement for my muscles and water for my tendons. It adds beauty to my life and teaching it allows me to share in my passion for it.


Once upon a time, Pilates took away my back pain, I forget at times what that felt like – to hurt. Now, Pilates is a part of my day and a constant reminder that so much is possible of our bodies, so much is in reach, just we must learn how and to be patient and consistent. Why Pilates? Because it has been one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself. How? On a mat, or on the couch, on the Reformer or in my bed, on the Cadillac or in my car. Pilates is a way of listening, a way of walking and holding yourself, an increased awareness for your body and your breathing.



I have been practicing Pilates for over 14 years, and became a certified Pilates instructor as of August 2005 with STOTT Pilates. In 2013 I chose to re-certify and learn through the school of BASI Pilates. Following this training I became a host studio offering the BASI Pilates method for the first time in Canada at a studio just outside of Montreal, which I owned, operated and taught at for seven and a half years. I have since sold that studio and relocated to Chelsea, Québec to be with my family and enjoy the transition to motherhood.


Professional Development:

I continue to learn and deepen my understanding of Pilates through practice and by attending workshops, conferences and through reading. I wish to always keep learning and strive to understand more.


Teaching Philosophy/Approach:

Compassion, patience and I believe in baby steps to move forwards, don’t start too far ahead only to have to potentially turn back.


Other Interests:

My family, animals, cooking, the outdoors… My list is long, I appreciate the little things and find magic in a lot of what each day brings.