Meet the Teachers


How & Why Pilates

With over 15 years teaching fitness in various forms I had heard about Pilates but I did not try it until 1999 when I was informed I required a knee replacement.  Staying fit, being active has always been an essential part of my life so I had to find something I could still do without further damage to my knee.

I started Pilates mat classes with Kathy Bond from the Saskatoon Pilates Centre, Saskatoon, SK and I was hooked.

I loved the way it made me think about how I moved and to find different muscles from the ones I usually wanted to work with – it was mentally and physically hard work!  .   I knew I had found a form of exercise I would be able to do for years in spite of my damaged knee.

In 2005 I retired from Saskatchewan Government Insurance Corporation (SGI) in Regina and relocated to Ottawa with my husband.  I finally had  the  opportunity and time to complete my Comprehensive Pilates Training and begin my new career as a full time Pilates teacher.

After years of working in the insurance industry and many of them behind a desk, it is wonderful to find myself in a career doing exactly what I love – teaching and doing Pilates.



SPRA (Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Assoc.) Fitness Certification  (1989 – 2004)

Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Certification  (2004 – present)

Mat Initiation 101 course through the Physicalmind Institute in June 2002.

Pilates Comprehensive Certification by Core Dynamics Pilates, Santa Fe, NM, with Michele Larsson (mat and equipment).  Completed Nov 2005.

Pilates Method Alliance Certified teacher – April 2007


Professional Development

Dianne Miller Shoulder Mechanics Workshop, Saskatoon 2004

PMA Conference, New Orleans 2004

PMA Conference, Orlando 2007

Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Conference, Toronto 2009

Pilates Workshop with Mairin Wilde of Vancouver Pilates Centre, Ottawa 2009

Pilates on Tour, Toronto 2010

TRX Certification, Ottawa 2011


Teaching Philosophy/Approach 

It’s important to me that everyone learn something in each class, whether it be a new muscle, a corrected movement that finally comes without effort, or just being aware of their progress and understanding of an exercise.

I want people to move even if it’s not perfect as long as there is conscious thought about what they are doing and they are not putting their bodies at risk.  Strength and awareness is only going to come from doing the exercise.

I like to think I challenge my clients to ‘give’ just a little more than they think they are able to do physically and mentally, to work at finding the correct muscle movement instead of just going through the motions, and to feel like they have worked their bodies when they are finished a class.

Move with intent, put some skill and thought into it BUT MOVE.


Other Interests

I love to do anything that is physically active – walking, hiking, biking, scuba diving, cross country skiing, snowshoeing.  The latest thrill is sailing with my husband on the Ottawa River in our 25ft Mirage.  Lots of activity and sometimes more thrills than I can handle.

At home I enjoy baking, making crafts, sewing, painting, and gardening.


Something unique about me

I’m like an open book, not a lot is hidden!