Meet the Teachers



How and Why

After a car accident in 2004, I was left with numerous health issues including chronic back pain. I needed a way to heal the deep trauma my body had undergone without prescribed drugs, which only lead to other issues.  I had heard about Pilates from a friend, and decided to give it a try. I knew Pilates was for me the first time my feet left the mat after my first class.  I felt an awareness, strength and control about my body I never knew I had.  Pilates is more then exercise, it is a whole new way of moving.  For the first time I felt attached to my body instead of wanting to be detached from it, especially from my back pain.  I finally had a way to manage my pain without prescription drugs. Freedom set in and Pilates became a way of life.



In 2011, I became a certified Mat Instructor through the Body Harmonics Pilates and Wellness Centre in Toronto. Also, through Body Harmonics I have been certified in both Standing and Balance Apparatus Pilates.


Professional Development

As someone who is fascinated by movement, I continuously learn about the human body. To hone my skills I read, write, watch and participate in all aspects of my Pilates community.  Currently, I am working towards my Post Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist certification and my Comprehensive Studio Pilates certification.


Teaching Philosophy/Approach:

 It is my hope that my passion and enthusiasm for this method of movement will encourage people to seek out their own journey into a more meaningful way of moving through life. Once you feel the ‘power’ your body connects into, you will not want to miss a class!