Meet the Teachers


How & Why Pilates

I’ve been dancing professionally since 1985. My true calling, teaching movement, emerged in 1996 when I began focusing my energy more on teaching than performing. It was and still is immensely satisfying for me. I became increasingly interested in the idea of healing through movement. I discovered the potential of reaching my goal of keeping the body aligned and fit through Pilates in 2000 when I was treated for an injury.



I first studied the New York style Pilates with Pilates Instructor Deja Griffith in Montreal. In 2002 I certified in Mat with Structural Studies Institute run by the Pilates instructor and Osteopath Rosemary Geist.   I then made it a priority to find a Pilates instructor training program that was to have a comprehensive program including all the Pilates equipment training in addition to the Mat training yet also respected the original Pilates philosophy of mind and body. Core Dynamics Pilates, a comprehensive teacher training program based in New Mexico met all of my requirements. Michele Larsson, the founder of Core Dynamics was trained by Eve Gentry who learned directly from Joseph Pilates. In 2003 I was fully certified to teach Pilates Mat work, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac and Spine corrector classes.


Professional Development

I continuously strive to enhance my educational training taking continuing education workshops with Michelle Larson, Mairin Wilde, along with highly qualified Dance and other movement instructors who are educated in the wellbeing of proper body alignment. I keep my First Aid certificate up-to –date.


Teaching Philosophy/Approach 

I recognize that people have different learning styles and I believe in a multisensory approach to teaching. Visual, auditory, kinaesthetic learners and those that are a combination should all be addressed. My philosophy is   that everyone can learn if given the proper tools. I aim to convey the joy of movement   through fluidity so the clients are in continuous movement throughout my classes and leave feeling good about themselves and in harmony.


Other Interests

When working as a dancer I performed in various countries and I am frequently invited to teach intense dance workshops fully designed for professional dancers in different cities across Europe and North America.

I have produced a series of 6 CDs of traditional dance music, launched from Berlin, Germany by the well-known Piranha music company. The series is still highly acclaimed in the dance world.

My earlier studies were Cultural Anthropology and Comparative music.  I am still passionate about learning the customs, music and dances of different cultures.

I have written and published several articles on dance.


Something unique about me

I am blessed to be overall physically fit and fortunate to have the ability and compassion to understanding health limitation that others might have. I take these challenges seriously by doing research in order to help find solutions or modifications that can be implemented either in my Pilates classes, dancing classes or to existing exercise regiments in order to enrich the lives of others.