Meet the Teachers


How & Why Pilates

I started  Pilates in Toronto the late 1990s when it was still very new to Canada.  My husband had just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease, and I was keen on learning more about the body and movement.  I had a sense that Pilates, with its emphasis on proper alignment and whole body focus, could give me the understanding I needed to help my husband .  On our return to Ottawa in 2000, I continued practicing Pilates.  When the opportunity arose for teacher training with Pam Forth, I joined and began the course of lifelong learning.



In November, 2004, I obtained my Matwork certification, followed by equipment certification in 2006.  I rounded out my skills in 2007 by obtaining a personal trainer certification through Can-Fit-Pro.  I am currently obtaining certification for Applied Somatraining with Guy Voyer, Osteopath, through AST Training in Montreal.  My interest in somatic body work is continuing with Bones for Life™, a Feldenkrais-based program for bone health, and I am targetted to gain teacher certification in 2012.


Professional Development

With every year I teach, I am constantly reminded of the wisdom of the body as it learns to reshape itself in new, more efficient and wondrous ways.  As teachers, we can never be complacent in our own learning process, both from what we gain through our students and what we can obtain through workshops and teacher training courses.  Some of my training has included: Canadian Centre of Activity and Aging (2004), Post-Rehab Exercises for Musculoskeletal Conditions (2007), Power Yoga (2007), Healthy Heart through Ottawa Heart Institute (2007), Body-Mind Centering (2008), Rehab through Pilates (2009), Yin Yoga (2009), Fletcher Towelwork (2009); and Urban Poling (2009).  I am a member of Pilates Method Alliance and have attended their annual conferences, as well as Balanced Body, a Pilates training and equipment provider.  In addition, I am a member of Can-Fit Pro and have gone to numerous workshops/conferences through this umbrella organization.  My membership in IDEA Health and Fitness Organization provides me with access to numerous online learning courses.

Teaching Philosophy/Approach 


Other Interests

Helping to improve the health and wellbeing of my clients can be an all encompassing and satisfying  endeavour.  My extended family and wide circle of friends help create balance, as does good music in all languages but particularly in Italian and Spanish.


Something unique about me

My dream is to wander through the grand boulevards of Buenos Aires and make my way to Tamara Di Tella’s Pilates Studio where I’ll saunter into a Tangolates class.  Who wouldn’t want to do Pilates with a “tango twist”?