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“I am an Ironman distance triathlete, and adding Pilates to my training schedule has helped me get in the best shape of my life. It fixed my lower back problems, made me a stronger runner and has given me defined abs.” ~ Rachel C

“I’ve tried out various exercise regimens over the years, but nothing held my attention until I tried out pilates at LiveBy Pilates. The instructors are great, and the small class sizes ensure that everyone is attended to and can get the most out of their workout. I feel stronger, leaner, and have more muscle definition. I’m a bona fide pilates devotee!” ~ Sabrina R

“I practice pilates to correct my posture after a long day at work. I feel stronger, more flexible and better able to use my body in athletics and everyday life! I’m so happy with the studio and instructors at LiveBy Pilates!” ~ Leif A

“At first my goal was to not end up crippled like Mum. I have her heredity and I’ve lost a lot of bone mass, so much so that I had to pick up my legs to merely cross them over! But as I have progressed in the work I can see that it is realistic for me to set more ambitious goals like being strong and having long lean muscles as well as having a hard body! Before I began my program I could not even imagine having these as goals; my main goal was “let’s not be a cripple, let’s not be all hunched over and needing someone to do things”.  NOW – I’m having visions at 60 looking better than I looked at 30! I am already firmer than I have been in decades!”

“After taking your classes for 1 month I have noticed tremendous gains in the areas of pain relief as well as my posture and flattening of my abdominal region. Having suffered from lower back pain for literally years I can see that in this short period of time my future seems bright with regard to enjoying the high level of sports in which I compete as well as participate in.” ~ David M

“I love the pace of your classes, the encouragement and the proactive way in which you assist with all corrections and/or by the demonstrations that you provide. Besides my gradual improvement in core strength, flexibility etc I find your classes are fun. This is a tribute to your leadership and skill-sets in teaching. Thank you.” ~ Mike J

“I started taking Pilates at (LiveBy) Pilates two years ago and in that time have experienced a number of benefits – both physical and mental. Physically, my body shape has changed. My obliques (abdominal muscles) and leg muscles have become more defined, I’ve lost inches off my thighs and I’ve gained upper body strength. I also have much better posture. While part of my success can be attributed to my perseverance, much of it, I believe, is due to the instructors at the Studio. Their focus on proper technique means that I have reaped the maximum benefits from the exercises while at the same time keeping my body safe from injury. For years I jogged every day, took aerobics classes and worked-out with weights and never achieved these results. Another benefit is that Pilates has introduced me to my body. I am much more aware of my muscles and joints and can tell when I’ve slipped back into old posture habits and am able to correct them. With all these changes, my confidence and overall sense of well being has increased.” ~ Melissa B

“I started Pilates almost two years ago because physiotherapy was not improving my hip pain. Through Pilates, I slowly learned to activate new muscles, to change how I stood and walked. Although my hip pain improved enormously, I knew the joint still wasn’t moving optimally. After the two Franklin workshops on moving the pelvis and hips, I made a quantum leap. I use the newly acquired imagery of my functioning skeleton when walking the dog, climbing stairs, cycling, swimming, as well as during Pilates classes. I definitely feel more liberated and powerful in motion.” ~ Denise W

“Three years ago I was suffering from chronic low back pain. At the end of the day, the 20 minute drive home from work was barely tolerable; flying or long trips by car were out of the question. Circuit exercises with both free weights and machines as well as massage therapy did not help. Then I decided to give Pilates a go. After a few months of supervised exercises at Forth Pilates I was experiencing only sporadic back pain. The staff selected activities for my specific needs, insisted on precise technique and by perseverance, I have resolved my back problem. I have even been told that I walk a little taller these days! A few months ago, I had major abdominal surgery. As soon as I recovered from the anaesthetics I was able to use my Pilates techniques to get my legs moving and deep breathing to keep my lungs clear. During those early bed-ridden days, lying on my back, I did my ab curls to strengthen my core. I was back to work within weeks instead of months as anticipated. I also showed up at the Studio a little earlier than expected and am now building strength and flexibility to resume my normal activities. I am 61 and enjoy an active life which includes cross country skiing, canoeing and cycling. I am convinced that the techniques and exercises I am learning at Forth Pilates will extend my active life and help alleviate those aches and pains that appear as we age.” ~John S

“I’m not a big fan of exercise classes but from the very first day at the studio I felt at ease and taken care of. The teachers at (LiveBy) Pilates focus on more than just Pilates. They teach you about how your body works and how you can improve yourself through increased awareness. It’s a refreshing technique that has dramatically improved my health and well-being in a very short time. ~ Sophie N

“My putting has really improved since finding my pelvic floor muscles” ~ Bill

“The lovely Studio, the quality of teaching and the warmth of welcome are only surpassed by the integrity to the work itself. Thank you staff and clients for making this a great week in Ottawa. All the best for continued growth and success – you have a studio to be proud of.” ~ Kathy B

“Friendly, relaxed atmosphere — clean studio and washrooms. Classes start and end on time. Lots of individual attention: precise instructions, given knowledge about body mechanics and helpful handouts. I’m really enjoying the classes. Thanks so much!!” ~ Lynn C.

“I sustained a gym-related injury a year ago and as a result I have been dealing with a very painful hip problem. I tried various ways of treating the injury including Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy with no improvement. I decided to see if I could get some relief through Pilates. After several sessions Liane was able to identify the problem and recommended some stretches that have been extremely helpful in alleviating the pain.” ~ Marsha M

“Some days at my office, I notice how I feel and I just want to kiss you guys” ~ Christopher C

“My private and group classes at the (LiveBy) Pilates center have changed my life. I had fairly extensive nerve and muscle damage and very little strength left after a serious lower back injury – the instructors helped me recover for the long term with their intelligence, skill, and empathy. They understood how my body worked and what it needed. Within a completely safe and nurturing environment, they made sure I was constantly challenged and on the road to better health. Now, I am stronger and in better condition than before my accident, and I feel and look great. These ladies are amazing, and they understand how the body works better than most of my doctors. I recommend this to anyone, particularly those with chronic injuries – this is the one preventive solution that has worked for me.” ~ Rosa K

“I’ve been going to the gym for years but I’ve never had abs like these, my clients say I look different” Al F

“Pilates at LiveBy Pilates has been exceptional at helping to develop my sense of posture as well as my core muscles. The knowledge and specific exercises I’ve learned here have enabled me to continue my athletic pursuits while rehabilitating my back. Indefinitely better for the experience and would recommend it to anyone.” ~Will L

“I have been taking classes at the Studio for a year now and have nothing but praise for the thorough and body changing approach taken by the teachers. Having been involved in exercise regimes all of my life I find Pilates to be the one that makes a difference but at the same time avoids straining and injury.  I look forward to many more years of fitness at this Studio.” ~Linda L

“Since beginning Pilates in August 1999, I have noticed a tremendous difference in how I feel and look. Pilates inspires me to continue improving my fitness and health levels because it challenges my physical and mental being at the same time. After each workout I have a sense of inner happiness due to my own personal accomplishment!”~ Dorothy M

“I’m addicted to how your classes make me feel. Peaceful, stretched out and alive! I have a very stressful job and this really helps. Also, it has helped reduce my very stubborn fat around my abs by about an inch and a half so far! Thanks!”~ Heather L

“Since I have started taking Pilates I have seen a change in the way I move. The Method has made me more aware of my posture, especially my abdominals. The Pilates method is not only an intense and satisfying workout, but can also be applied to everyday movements. it is not the type of exercise that starts and stops at the gym.” ~Sandra A