Release. Realign. Restore.

We are here to help you live by a higher quality of life.

RELEASE pain and muscle tension

REALIGN your spine and joints

RESTORE your posture, core strength, and ease of movement.

Strive for a higher quality of life! Live By Pilates!


  • “I tried various ways of treating my hip injury including Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy with no improvement.. My Private sessions were extremely helpful in alleviating the pain.”

    Marsha M
  • “I am now stronger and in better condition than before my serious lower back injury, and I feel and look great”.

    Rosa K
  • “I have seen a vast improvement in my posture, core muscle strength and overall well-being as a result of my Pilates classes.”

    Susan S
  • “My left side of neck and shoulders has always been tight, even though I practice and teach yoga..With the tools that I learned in the workshop, I am able to adjust my posture, align properly and more importantly, free the tension.”

    Louise L
  • “I’ve been going to the gym for years but I’ve never had abs like these, my clients say I look different.”

    Al F
  • “Physically, my body shape has changed. My obliques (abdominal muscles) and leg muscles have become more defined, I’ve lost inches off my thighs and I’ve gained upper body strength.”

    Melissa B
  • “The lovely Studio, the quality of teaching and the warmth of welcome are only surpassed by the integrity to the work itself.”

    Kathy B


Grand Opening Party - January 13th

  Monday 25 December 2017

The Studio