How to Start

What First?

Coming for an Open House experience is the best place to start.

Start ANY TIME you’re ready. Once you complete one of the introductory packages below, you can join our ongoing classes.

Here is what we’re offering you:

1. The Welcome Package:

If you are new to Pilates, this is your package. Working privately with a teacher is the ideal way to begin.  We will work with you at your speed,  lead you to a good understanding of the fundamentals and movements and address your specific goals and concerns. The Welcome Package includes 2 Private Sessions and 5 group classes of your choice (any combination of Mat, Reformer, Chair, TRX, Wall, etc) which provides you the opportunity to experience the different classes and find what appeals to you and meets your needs. Upon completion of the Welcome Package, you will be able to jump into level 1 group classes of any kind.

Package includes:

– 2 Private Sessions

– 5  Group Classes (Mat, Reformer, Chair, TRX, etc)

– A 5% voucher to use towards your next class package purchase

The Welcome Package rate is $285          OR Semi-private option: $225 each



2. The Specialized Package:

If you are recovering from an injury or medical operation, or require a focused attention to correct postural issues, movement discomfort or chronic pain or if you are an athlete who is looking for a specialized conditioning program to help you enhance your performance , this is the ideal package for you. Our highly trained teachers can design a specialized program for you to help you through your recovery or training through their intensive knowledge of body mechanics, structural alignment and correct movement patterns. Proper modifications to standard Pilates exercises will be developed based on your needs and abilities which will allow you to exercise safely and achieve maximum results. After completing this package, you might decide to continue with your teacher for more Private sessions, or come in to Studio Time classes and exercise at your own pace following your Individualized Program, or join level 1 group classes.

Package includes:

– 5 Private Sessions

– An individualized Program (for use in Studio Time classes or at home)

– A 5% voucher to use towards your next class package choice

The Specialized Package rate is $450       OR Semi-private option: $300 each



3. Start your own group class Anytime:

Are you a group of 5-6 people? Get a special class started for you at 10% discount

Flexible schedule – 8-week session


4. Introductory Offer:

If you have a solid understanding of the Pilates repertoire, and are eager to jump straight into regular classes, we would like to offer you an introductory discount of 5% on your first class package purchase (Drop Ins excluded).



Fine Print:

All prices are in Canadian Dollars

HST not included

Prices are subject to change at the Studio’s discretion

All policies apply